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How to Keep a Demolition Safe In the demolition industry, companies do more than blowing off buildings randomly. Safety and efficiency are critical when it comes to designing the demolition process. The demolition process can vary depending on the demolition company. Contractors make sure that they use precise and skilled demolition process. The popular demolition types are residential, commercial as well as the industrial demolition. Blowing off buildings and small properties that do not exceed three stories belong to the residential demolition. This demolition only needs several equipment like bulldozers, excavators and cranes to sufficiently bring down buildings in a few hours. However, this is not enough for commercial and industrial demolition and contractors have to use larger equipment during the job. This involves the use of wrecking balls and safety explosives along with other specialized demolition equipment. The safety precautions and framework of the demolition process stay the same in any of these three demolition types. Most demolition companies would clear the ground first and excavate certain areas before going through the demolition.
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It basically takes weeks of planning and preparation before the job can be executed. It is important that the design of the structure is considered during the creation of the demolition process. Hazards like copper wire and glass are noted when designing the demolition process to avoid fire or injuries. The location of the job is also taken into consideration. For crowded areas, building implosions are ideal than explosions. The best option for the equipment is a wrecking ball.
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In addition, engineering survey and utility location are imposed by the local authorities. The assistance of medical and first aid team, police and fire department are also necessary during demolition. Engineers conduct a survey to determine the overall condition of the property along with its parts. The assessment will then become a reference when choosing the method and equipment for the demolition. Water lines and electric lines are also considered during the demolition planning. It is important to relocate these utilities to prevent incidents during the demolition. To provide contingencies for possible injuries, a medical team will be on standby. Then the safety precautions are tackled especially when there is a risk of fire or if it involves explosion. For the police and fire department, they are needed to manage the evacuation if there are incidents during the demolition. The demolition company cannot continue with the job unless they have a plan to keep their workers safe within the demolition site. Planning for these aspects are among the primary focus of the demolition company. The local government must approve the overall plan of the demolition contractor. Demolition company covers all necessary areas like safety precaution, machinery to be used, the demolition process and even the standard of work. Make sure your demolition company covers all of these.