What to Tell Your Web Design Company About Your Website

You may have reached the stage in the development of your business where you want to have a website, or perhaps you may want to have a new website for your business. Do you know what you should tell your chosen web designer? For anyone wanting a website for the first time, it is normal to feel daunted by the prospect of ensuring you pass on the most relevant information for the best results possible. Many people feel they will not be able to achieve a quality design because of not being able to guide the designer correctly, but business owners need to overcome this fear and the purpose of this article is to help anyone who is feeling intimidated by entering the world of new websites for the first time and to give guidance on what to reveal to your designer.

The first thing that you need to do is to confirm with whoever you have chosen to create your website if the designer is going to be able to create a brand identity for your business or not. Brand identity is important to any business, as it is the best way in which to give a face to your company. For this reason, any design you have must look professional and stylish. If your designer is able to confirm that they can achieve this, then you need to ask them if they will create a logo that will most aptly depict your business model and represent your business as a professional entity. Of course, you will have to give special attention to this because the logo will not only be used on your website, but it will be used on stationery, business cards, invoices and for any marketing campaigns you may launch at a later date.

The next step is to advise the web designer to study the market for your business initially and then to analyse the designs of your competitors. You should indicate to your web designer that you want your website design to be relevant to your business model (in the same way as you did for your logo), as this will ensure that your website visitors will not be confused. If visitors visit your website and cannot understand what your site and products or services are about, they will leave the site in seconds. Thus, it is imperative that your web design is relevant to your business model.

A further important feature to ensure that is your web designer makes the website navigation as simple as possible for your site visitors. Your professional design should be capable of capturing the attention of your site visitors and having good navigation will help them to explore your site in detail. If your designer creates navigation that is complicated, then your site visitors will have a great deal of difficulty in exploring your products and the site as a whole.

If you want to sell as many services and products as possible, then you need to ensure that you place everything in front of them as easily and clearly as possible. What you need to avoid are excessive links and information.

A further important point is to ensure your web designer makes your website as search engine optimised as possible. If your designer is unaware of the latest SEO practices, then do not hire them. You need buyers to visit your website and the best way to achieve this is to bring the most targeted purchasers via search engines. Ensure that your website ranks highly in search engines and to do this, your site needs to be search engine friendly.