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How Visitors See Your Web Design Part I

Web design isn’t just about the style of your website. It isn’t just about cool graphics and special effects. In fact, for most businesses these are inconsequential matters only designed to attract certain demographics in very specific markets. True web design must focus on the user experience, which includes a number of factors that most people don’t think about when they think of web design. These factors include the loading time of the page, the page navigation, contextual relevance, SEO, and most importantly – conversion points. Without all of these items integrated as a seamless application across one website, even award-winning styles and custom layouts won’t bring any traffic or conversions to your site. The following explains what the visitors to your website are looking for and why each is so important.

It’s not just people that surf the web. Specialized software programs called spiders and bots also surf the internet, looking for and indexing pieces of information. The most important of these bots are those that are sent out by search engines – especially that major ones like Google, Yahoo and Bing. The job of these bots is to catalogue the web, and when they visit your site that are looking at – and measuring – specific items that must be addressed as an integral part of any web design strategy:

Loading time of your site’s pages

The moment a search bot arrives at your web page it begins recording calculations, and the first of these is the loading time of your page. The faster your page loads, the better. Unfortunately, this is one of the most overlooked parts of web design. Page loading time tells the search bots what the user experience will be like on your site and this is factored into your rankings for the key terms related to your business.

On-page optimization

The keywords, meta data, titles, page descriptions, post descriptions, tags, categories, image and video descriptions and everything else that can have text entered into it is viewed and categorized by search bots. All of these items are run through an algorithm that basically seeks to establish what the website is about, and if it is representing itself appropriately.

Page and site navigation features and function

Search bots are like real human users in that they will scan your navigation links and follow them, spidering off deeper into your site. Your web design must create a navigation system that is simple, self-explanatory, easy to find and fast.


The links on your site are important and will be reviewed and possibly indexed by bots. Therefore, it’s critical that you only link to relevant sites when necessary, and that your own site’s pages and posts are both heavily interlinked. Site interlinking tells search bots a lot about your site.

In How Visitors See Your Web Design Part II, we’ll discuss the other side of this issue: human visitors. In many cases the information looked at by humans and search bots when they visit a website are nearly identical. But if you need help integrating these features into your web design now, simply use the links below to get started.

How to select the best web design agency for your business

I can hear many of you saying “Why I need to get a “goooood” website for my business?”

Now more then ever people spend more and more of their time online. The online presence of companies become the norm opposed toa simple extension of a new business arm. Still many small and medium size businesses have this question. They seem to be very reluctant to spend time on and investing in the best website for their needs. The reason is that they often wonder “How to choose a right web design agency?” It might not be a difficult task if we do some homework before meeting potential web design agencies.

People who have the desire for growth obviously need a website that is usable and able to attract a crowd. However website design and build can consume sufficient time and money if you fail to choose the right web design agency or the right team. The most common problems with inexperienced web agencies are irrelevant work, going beyond the estimated time and in turn burning money, lack of personal attention, lack of creativity, no additional work, and even additional cost for undefined or unspecified work that may not have been included in the original estimates.

Growing Face of our business:
Your website, for many users, will be the face of your business in todays online world. It replaces your first line support and your sales team in many situations and has to reflect your corporate tone of voice; reflect brand character, be original and more obvious and push the message of what you do. Do you think your website does this? If not, this is the right place to be, keep reading and find out some crucial things when deciding how to appoint a web design agency to getting the perfect site for your business.

You might like to Follow our guide below, steps to take before hiring a web design agency:

Spend time on looking at the clients and portfolios of the web design agency

Who have they worked for before? Check on few sample websites and see the colour combinations, catchy ideas, simple yet innovative designs and easy navigation options. One of the most important generic factors is the layout and design of the site. It must convey the aim of the business and be easily usable to the target audience.

Interview the web design agency before going for the actual work

Website design is all about communication, specifically communication of your brand through all the others to your audience. In order to build a site, which communicates effectively with your target audience, the web design agency must first understand what your aims are. So talk to them, get them in for an informal chat over coffee and check if they understand your business or if they have worked with other similar businesses. See if you could access a pool of talent within the web design agency but always have a single point of contact to ensure nothing gets lost in transaction.

Know their Primary Programming Languages and Operating Systems

It is really vital to know their technical strength. The company should be open about the languages they use and their preferential choice of software systems. The basic you should be looking for are open source PHP/MySQL and ASP.NET programming languages, two schools of code but specialisms in each do count. They should be ready to give a technical advice that would best meet your needs and budget.

Estimate the deadline to complete the project

Inquire about the turn around time for projects similar in size to your project. This should give you a fairly clear idea about their working process. If you have a hard deadline to meet, be sure you tell the designing company at this point so that they can plan accordingly. You may even want to ask about project over-runs on previous projects if any and what tolerances are in place for budget and time controls.

Check whether they offer innovative ideas and designs?

Research shows that most readers eyes will be attracted to creative design before reading the text on the page. A small, creative and intuitive design is equal to thousand words. So the web design agency should be able to give interesting and innovative ideas. While your ideas are most important in the design of the site, you should expect the web designagency to explain what works and what does not, to take the creative lead and help you achieve your goals in design.

Know about their process and skills

Check if the agency uses the best practices and methodologies. See if they have any industry accreditations, formal training or background education. You may want to ask how the quality of the work is managed and maintained. You can usually save money pulling your online budget under one roof so make sure that you ask about additional services they provide, do they offer any additional services like copy writing, e-mail marketing, SEO, Social Marketing etc.

Will you get the copyright?

Legal rights over the code, documentation and designs is called IPR (intellectual Property Rights), you want a good exit strategy once the project is complete. Make sure you get the copyright of your site once you paid in full for the project. In future if you decide to consult with any other web design agencies, you will need the rights. Many agencies (although the number is shrinking) try to keep the rights in an attempt to keep the clients, dont fall for it.

The website is live! Whats next?

Check whether the agency is providing internet-marketing services like SEO. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a backbone for websites, an experienced company should be able to offer you a variety of options including organic, PPC and social media marketing including Facebook and other social advertising. Depending on your business requirements, they should be able to create custom online campaigns, email campaigns and help you achieve maximum results from your new site.

Do they have any guarantee for trouble shooting?

Working with software is tricky full stop, multiple languages, systems, platforms all transferring data and an incredible rate, the best coders in the world come across bugs. Most of the companies will offer trouble shooting (bug-fixing) for a small bugs with no additional costs but usually only if this is impeding how the site should work. Make sure they resolve any “code bug” that occurs. Know that you should pay extra for any small change in the older version. So ensure that you have a preplanned sketch about the site from the very beginning. A rough guide? Ask yourself is this not “doing what it should” or “could this be improved” often bugs are improvements to the site which is additional work.

Consistent help and progression into the future

Ask if they provide any training to understand the web statistics, maintenance, security etc. Some agencies advise you on how to grow your online presence as your business grows. They consistently provide help on marketing your site, promoting it on search engines, adding new features, making changes, and updating you on new developments in the industry that you could take advantage of, changes that make you stand out ahead of your competitors.

So what are you waiting for? Hire an efficient web design agency and be online!

Born4Digital Web Design Agency in Bournemouth is dedicated to providing creative, transparent and effective Web Design, Online Marketing and SEO Services to businesses that have a desire to increase profits by making a difference.

How To Choose A Web Design Company That Will Listen To Your Needs

There are thousands of web designers and web design companies out there to leave you confused making a right choice for your business in the expectation of a unique brand asset. Even if you shortlist your choices to reliable and experienced custom web design companies only, it will still remain a daunting task, especially if this is your first website. Being new to the web design world, you will need to consider a lot of important factors before you choose a qualified service provider that can understand your exact business needs and do justice to your design project. Here are a few important tips to help you search a right company to promote your business with a professional website development:

Know your needs first: Before talking to a web design company, its important for you to figure out what exactly you need from your website. This will help you properly explain how you want your website to look, read, and behave. The company will use these ideas as a base for choosing the technology and for applying other advanced techniques along with the major web design aspects.

See where they are located: This is a matter of subjective preference. You may want to work with a local web design company to allow for direct communication and better control over the process.

Browse through their portfolio: You must have a look at the web design portfolio of any company before you take any further action. Its normally better to hire a company which has some past experience of designing websites for your domain. Looking through their website creations, you will easily be able to filter out a few good companies that have worked with companies like yours or even your competitors and you can be confident that they are suitable as per your specific requirements.

Check credentials: Its a good idea to check the activities of a company on the internet. You can go through their social media profile and read about their services and developments. Their blog and testimonial will also help you know their attitude towards project commitments, responsiveness, troubleshooting etc.

Observe how they attend you: This, again, is very important. An efficient website design firm will never disappoint you with their handling of queries. If they understand your point of view and requirements quickly and give a prompt and accurate response to your queries, it means they are experienced enough in the field to know the importance and value of good customer service. Since you will be working with the chosen web design company probably for a long time, these things really matter and can have a dominating impact on your project.

Ask for references/check reviews: A reliable web design service provider can provide you a plenty of references to talk to and make an opinion. Their website will also provide client reviews, which can be utilized to further evaluate their quality and customer service.

Measure their long-term reliability: Normally one would seek a long-term relationship with the chosen company considering the fact that issues may evolve constantly once the website becomes operational. Its important to check how reliable they can be in taking care of those issues before they lead to bigger problems. Ensure that the company has a good financial position and work status in the current time so that you get a positive indication that the company is not going to wrap up within a few months of hiring and feel confident about giving the long-term directions on working with them.

These tips can help you greatly to choose a web design company that suits your needs. Just follow these and trust your instincts to find the right web development partner for your business.

Hints on How to Prevent Your Web Design from Being Irritating

The people who have websites certainly do not want them to be annoying to the web surfer. That concept would totally destroy their whole reason for having a website in the first place. You want to sell your product. Turning the potential customer off as soon as they see your web design is not the way to get them to buy the product.

Using the right graphics applicable to your business

If you are contemplating having a website you must check out some good designers and graphic artists. Explore the web yourself and see what kind strikes your fancy so that you yourself would be willing to spend some time on your site. See what kind of work they have done in the past before deciding which person to go with. Find a web design which you really like and find out who did the graphics for it. They would be happy to help you in designing your own to get you started in advertising your business.

Be sure you have the talent to design your own website

The other aspect is doing the web design yourself if you feel you are capable. There are a few things which should not be included on your website if you want to save the money and do it yourself though.

Don’t get carried away

One thing that should be remembered when designing anything which you would want people to take a look at would be the old adage of keeping it simple. Over designing a page would turn people in the other direction so fast that they would not want to buy your product even if it was something they absolutely needed. Simple works. Keep to the point and do not go over and over it. If they can read they will get it.

Be cautious with audios

If you want to use audio with your web design make sure that your voice comes across with a tone which is not annoying for the listener. There are some good methods and services for voice overs if you are not a fluent speaker yet want to portray yourself. Ask your best friend their advice on this issue and have them tell you the truth.

Forget the music

Sometimes when you are looking for a specific item right away there is music blaring in your ear and even if the product is inviting the music just irritates you. The longer you stay on that site the more frustrated you get. Music is a no-no as having that one song played over and over again is too much of a good thing.

Don’t go color crazy

The colors you use are the most important aspect of your web design. Some colors jump out at you and give you a bad feeling and others are soothing, and then there are the ones which would put you to sleep. You want the ones which are a good balance between soothing and blaring. Find out on the web what you like and go with that.

Keep the font simple

The size of the font that you use is another important detail to pay attention to when it comes to web design. What is the one word that you want emphasized then have it in bold letters and the description in smaller ones but do not get too wordy.

Get the best web design Calgary firm to work on your website

Web design and branding are two important steps in your Internet marketing campaigns. Big and small businesses alike would want to have the best of the websites to attract prospective clients. They would want their website to be unique so that they are able to stand out. The websites designed can be unique only if the Website designer Calgary understands the business and the market niche within which it operates.

Finding good Web design Calgary Company

There are many a web designer in Calgary. However not all of them can give you what you want. You need to find a designer who can understand your marketing objectives and your market. Only if your prospective clients are understood, can something be designed to convince them. The website will serve as an important means of communication and hence has to present your business in the best possible way. Therefore you need to find a web designer Calgary who can take care of the aesthetics, keeping in view the communication and marketing objectives.

Elements of design Points to consider before you choose Website designer Calgary

Your website may have videos, text, audio, animation, e-commerce tools, landing page tools and a lot more. The web design should serve as a connecting element. It should unify discrete elements and present a theme that talks about your business. According to commonly agreed statistics, the web visitor will stay on the page for more than half minute if the design is not appealing. Therefore you need to avail the services of a web designer in Calgary who is reputed to make communication possible and not just visually appealing websites. This way you will not only be able to get the visitor to read the text that you have presented or watch the videos, you will also make sure that he comes back to the website to sign up for your services or buy your product.

Four Tips For Choosing A Top Web Design Company

Once you have made your mind about getting your website up and running, its time to decide who is going to create it. With the help of some Google tips and Java scripts you can build a website in a couple of hours but if you are serious about your business, a poor quality page is something you cant afford. Thats when a reliable web design company comes into play to help you get the most out of your site. Below there are several tips that may come handy for choosing the right web design agency.


Selecting a competent agency among a number of amateur companies is pivotal for the success of your website. Thats why proper research is a must, especially if you dont want your site to turn into a drain on resources. Go for a company with a proven track record ensuring high quality web design services and a high level of customer satisfaction. When looking into a reputable web design company, pay attention to the portfolio provided and the testimonials to draw conclusions. Contact existing clients to ask for references and learn more about the quality of service and customer confidence. Finally, look at the web site of the chosen company and evaluate how effective and attention-grabbing the design is; if you are not satisfied with the design, it is high time to continue your search.

Relevant Skills

Creativity, knowledge and professionalism are three features of a superior web design agency. Creativity is always crucial for grabbing visitors attention and getting them on the hook. Profound knowledge of the market and on-going processes is vital for adjusting your optimisation strategy and making your site more visible in different search engines. A dedicated team of a professional web design company knows how to leverage new technologies and capitalise on new marketing strategies, so your website is favourably ranked in the search engines.


When it comes to the web development industry, you usually get what you pay for. The price is often a concern for contemporary business people, especially if you are just starting your company. With a great number of web design agencies available in the market, there is always someone who offers lower prices compromising on service and quality. If you are a small start-up with not much money to spend, it is wise to invest a bit extra in order to get short term wins and long term gains. Refer to a customer-focused web design company offering both web design and site optimisation services.

New trends

The importance of the technological evolution and the development of new web design trends should never be underestimated. When creating your website think about users spending their time browsing the Internet on their mobile devices like iPhones and Blackberries. Make sure your web design company does its best to optimise your online page for mobile users and you dont miss out on your potential target market. Additionally, reputable agencies incorporate the latest web design trends making your site aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-navigate.

High quality web design is a great tool to make the right first impression and convert your potential clients into buying customers. Website building is a collaborative process where professionals should take an important part. Dont hesitate to hire experienced designers from a reputable web design company for help. When choosing the right company keep an eye on experience, relevant skills, affordability and new trends.

Find Out How to Locate a High Quality a Web Design NJ Operation

While it’s true a great number of these vendors might be reliable, that you need to be conscious of the fact there will probably be some undesired suppliers. Doing it doesn’t make a difference where you are located, it is extremely important for every person irrespective of your location. So that they can easily realize how an individual will have to undergo while in that practice it’s vital to view each thing involved with that home business. The general thought pertaining to this particular topic has noticed a shift throughout recent years with regards to just how culture looks at it. With reference to web designers nj, it happens to be very hard to discount the available data. When a person studies a graph presenting all the pros in opposition to all of the possible complications . involved in not utilizing it, it is really challenging to dismiss the truth. Though one will certainly get more costly occasionally, it is advisable to view this as a wise investment and not necessarily a needless expense.

It really is unlikey a chance that the need for these types of companies is going up.

The particular marketplace is excessively imperative to the financial state. You’re going to be exhibited a wide range of products and solutions linked to your actual investment. The second youthful workers head into your group it can be well-advised that these businesses deal with manageable regulars at the outset. The actual potential of that corporation will likely be quite interesting as it grows from what exactly it has been in earlier times.

So one can obtain the greatest benefit out of your wealth you might need to become willing to check out the concern. You will find a great many of facets that should sway the best option. Web deign nj companies are normally likely to call for you to send in some written documents prior to undertaking work. A great deal of travelers will go many years and even a life time lacking the need for a web design nj. Considering the fact that you are reading through this report, this really is certainly not your position. Once in a while it happens to be challenging to measure these things. Individuals which are profitable in that line of work have actually been spending so much time on it for some time. Commissions surely have in truth escalated through a response to cultivation in the world. One person had been quoted declaring, “My partner and I cannot comprehend this.” It truly is a vital statistic to understand regardless that it may perhaps be difficult to numerous people. You may have thought to yourself, “Wow, We can seriously use a web design nj”. Allen Hopkins is often referred to as a market authority and was recently cited in an editorial.

Effective Web Design

Website design and development is important but more important is designing a website that is effective in terms of generating enquires. This requires a basic understanding of the basic of web design and development.

Almost every good web designer understands three essential points while designing a web site, and that is good site navigation, a professional looking site, and good content. However, few are able to understand the reason behind those needs. Designing a good business website means to create a website that will generate traffic as well as revenue.

The use of graphics is very important in a website. You need to make sure that you only utilize the most effective graphic s format. As a web designer, you should know which ones will help make your website load faster. Nothing sucks than having a site that takes a minute or more to load.

Make sure the template is only the foundation to your web design building. This may mean that you use the overall structure of the design, but change all the graphics to make the design more personalized. Often times this also means that you will change the color scheme to fit with your current identity or logo.

Most people know what a website is, most people have used a website or frequented one daily but what most people do not know, especially if they have just started in the website field, is that there is a difference between a bad website and a good website. A good web design ideally sells and gains you a high volume of visitors.

You should always use a browser safe color when using solid color as a design element. Some of the browser safe colors should be used with caution though. It is quite essential to remember like all the other muscles get tired the eye muscles also do get tired. So it is essential that you do not use extreme contrast colors as they will have an impact on the reading.

Make sure you choose correct contrasting colors; green and red, despite being great Christmas colors, are poor friends when it comes to font relationships. Throw the gray background with red text out the window unless you want to give your Uncle Ben a stroke (he has been through enough already).

Each website has determining factors with significant details and unique structure in terms of its design, markup, content, functionality, and features. But no matter how different your website is to other existing sites crawling in the web, it has only one and specific purpose to visitors. Let us take note this golden rules to have an effective web design.

Good website design can also improve your bottom line by helping your site appeal to a wider audience. This can be accomplished by offering a value-added, content-rich layout enhanced by strong aesthetic appeal and intuitive navigation. The goal is to create a visually rich and welcoming destination that is easy to use and understand.

Like art, a good design is very detail oriented, but just like an exceptional piece of art, an exceptional design only puts in exactly what it needs and nothing more. Intricate detail is always important, just remember that good detail adds to the overall effect, it never takes away from it.

Effective Web Design To Help Draw In Customers

Going on the internet is almost a mandatory thing for every business that is in the market today. You will need to be sure about what you can offer and the surefire way of doing that would be to have a presence on the internet. Many customers today will check out your company using the online portal and then decide whether or not they would want to conduct business with you. Hence, in this way, you would want to maximize your clientele with a decent website. However, there are some basic rules when it comes to web design that you ought to keep in mind.

Sticking to the basics

Some companies, especially the newer ones, put in way too much effort in their web design. Remember, the key is to stick to the basics and not go overboard with the design. You do not want to end up looking weird and different, and as much as possible, you would want to have a decent website that provides information in a straightforward way. If the website is too complicated in its approach, you will not be able to lure in people correctly and might even end up paying the price because of this.

Using safe graphics

While designing the website is one thing, the other thing that you need to remember is to stick with safe graphics. Safe graphics when it comes to websites means web safe colors that wont hurt the eye and will be easy to read information from. Any good graphic designer will be aware of this and will ensure that his web design will not have any of these problems. Things like white text on a yellow background or purple text on a bright red background are some examples of poor graphic design.

Lighter Pages

Going ahead with the theme of sticking to the basics, the thing that you ought to keep in mind is that your WebPages should not be monstrous in size and hog the bandwidth of the individuals that are visiting it. This is especially true of the home page, which should load as quickly as possible. Remember, if you make the person wait unduly long, they are bound to run out of patience and look at some other option. Hence, make your inside pages fancy, but stick to the elementary design for your home page. In this manner, you can showcase your talents without overwhelming your visitors. These are the fundamental rules of good web design.

Does Your Web Design Agency Understand Your Business

Its always difficult combining creativity with business. For creative designers, their primary concern is how something looks. For business people, its all about how something performs. So if youre talking to a web design agency about updating your website, how do you know that your creative team understands your business needs?

Bums on seats, clicks into conversions

The first role of a website is to give your business an online presence that encourages unique and return visitors to visit your virtual store. Getting them to stay on your site and not bounce to a rival after a few seconds is a tough job in fact, just getting them through the door in the first place can often seem like an uphill struggle. Your web design agencys first role is to create a website that not only attracts human visitors, but the search engine bots as well, because without a good Google ranking your website is effectively shunted to a side alley with no passing traffic.

So a website design agency has to have a good understanding not just of design concepts, but how business works too. They have to work on the idea that design facilitates business, acts as a display cabinet for a businesss products and services and has to portray those in a way that appeals to both human visitors and the search engines. The two concepts are not, in fact, separate entities but two halves of the same whole.

The role of SEO in design

A web design agency doesnt just design the layout of your page. They have to integrate SEO or search engine optimisation into the concept, as search these days isnt just about keywords. Web browsers now allow people to search on images as well as keywords, so the visual content of your website is almost as important as the content copy. Clean pages that are clearly road-mapped for easy navigation, engaging copy and a strong SEO element are all now part of the design process. A web design agency that can demonstrate a good understanding of these concepts is an agency that will produce successful web design and consequently, successful websites for their customers.

Whats your part in this?

Designers need a starting point to bring an idea to life. So one of the first things any good web design agency will do is sit down with you and find out about your business. If they understand your business, they will be able to understand your ultimate goal and the kind of message you want to deliver. Once they have a firm grasp of your business focus, they will then be able to create a website that puts this message across in a way that entices and engages visitors. So you need to be prepared to take part in the creative process, rather than just leaving it to the designers. Its a two-way partnership that is dependent on an exchange of ideas.

Good website design is a synergy of creativity and business acumen. Your web designs agency should be able to bring both to the table, and in turn you have to take the time to understand what the limitations of website designs are, what a site can and cant achieve and how this interaction works between business partners. Choose wisely and you have a business partner that invests time and effort into your concepts, bringing them to life.