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Tips on Selling Your House Without a Realty. You should prepare your home for sale as the first. This involves doing the self-assessment of the house to identify what needs to removed, done and added to make your house look as attractive as possible. You can start by removing the clutter so that your house can look elegant and spacious . You store them in a place where the buyers cannot see them, or you can sell them at a lower price. This should be followed by identifying areas that need repairs and other small maintenance services. Your house should then be painted regularly with high-quality paint to ensure that it attracts many potential buyers. First the impression is always important so you should always ensure that the outdoor is well cleaned. After doing all the necessary preparations, you should, therefore, determine the asking price of your house. You should do this by finding from your neighbors or friends the value they sold their house. You should be aware that any slight deviation above the normal selling price will chase away the potential buyers. You can also undercharge your house which can also make you lose some good amount of money. It is therefore recommended that you do thorough research on the proper price of the house before you set it. Make sure that you price your home correctly to attract more customers. The price should be moderate.
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The next thing you should do is to promote your home. This can be done by posting clear pictures of the outside and inside of your house through house selling websites. Word of mouth, flyers, craigslist, facebook, twitter advertising on newspapers, and many others is also a way in which you can advertise your house. When you are advertising your house make sure you give clear and correct description of your house. In case there are landmarks, schools or even hospital near your house you should include them in your description. You can now negotiate the deal. The buyers will then make offers after they have seen the house. Drop the agreement in writing. Avoid conflicts that may arise from verbal agreements. The agreement should include the price plus all the details and terms of an agreement. After negotiation you can, therefore, choose the lucrative deal. After that the agreement should be put under contract. This can be done with a contract of sale or purchase and sale agreement. You can as well hiring an attorney who knows all the legal proceedings to develop a contract deal for you. After the agreement you should then close the transaction. In this step you will need the assistance of a title company to collect all the documents required to obtain property from one person to another and register it with local county government. Ensure All the parties sign the agreement.