Hints on How to Prevent Your Web Design from Being Irritating

The people who have websites certainly do not want them to be annoying to the web surfer. That concept would totally destroy their whole reason for having a website in the first place. You want to sell your product. Turning the potential customer off as soon as they see your web design is not the way to get them to buy the product.

Using the right graphics applicable to your business

If you are contemplating having a website you must check out some good designers and graphic artists. Explore the web yourself and see what kind strikes your fancy so that you yourself would be willing to spend some time on your site. See what kind of work they have done in the past before deciding which person to go with. Find a web design which you really like and find out who did the graphics for it. They would be happy to help you in designing your own to get you started in advertising your business.

Be sure you have the talent to design your own website

The other aspect is doing the web design yourself if you feel you are capable. There are a few things which should not be included on your website if you want to save the money and do it yourself though.

Don’t get carried away

One thing that should be remembered when designing anything which you would want people to take a look at would be the old adage of keeping it simple. Over designing a page would turn people in the other direction so fast that they would not want to buy your product even if it was something they absolutely needed. Simple works. Keep to the point and do not go over and over it. If they can read they will get it.

Be cautious with audios

If you want to use audio with your web design make sure that your voice comes across with a tone which is not annoying for the listener. There are some good methods and services for voice overs if you are not a fluent speaker yet want to portray yourself. Ask your best friend their advice on this issue and have them tell you the truth.

Forget the music

Sometimes when you are looking for a specific item right away there is music blaring in your ear and even if the product is inviting the music just irritates you. The longer you stay on that site the more frustrated you get. Music is a no-no as having that one song played over and over again is too much of a good thing.

Don’t go color crazy

The colors you use are the most important aspect of your web design. Some colors jump out at you and give you a bad feeling and others are soothing, and then there are the ones which would put you to sleep. You want the ones which are a good balance between soothing and blaring. Find out on the web what you like and go with that.

Keep the font simple

The size of the font that you use is another important detail to pay attention to when it comes to web design. What is the one word that you want emphasized then have it in bold letters and the description in smaller ones but do not get too wordy.