PSD to HTML A Magical Touch For Web Design and Development

The world has become a global village with advance in technology taking place every day. It is next to impossible to imagine our life without internet. It has influenced every aspect of our life and has become an ubiquitous technology. There are tons of websites on the web today. All of them cater to different requirements and needs of the consumers. The competition to stay at top search engine ranking is pretty strong and one has to put in consistent efforts to make a website unique and attractive. One of the steps involved in the web design and development process is to convert PSD to HTML.

PSD or photoshop based design files need to be converted into a markup language HTML. Without converting PSD to HTML, a website cant be made functional. This conversion guarantees an error free, thoroughly professional and visually appealing website. PSD to HTML conversion lends a magical touch to the web design and development project. It should be done in a proper manner to achieve the best results. Therefore, you should hire a professional designer to get this conversion done.

PSD to CSS/HTML is a wonderful way to construct unique and beautiful templates. These templates add value to the look and feel of a website and enhance its appeal. This will ensure that your site attracts a good volume of traffic. There are a number of reasons why PSD to HTML conversion is preferred by people across the world. It is reliable, guarantees best results and offers a lot of benefits. Some of the benefits offered by this conversion are:

W3C validation: The world wide web consortium provides the guidelines for web developers to create a well structured website. If done manually, PSD to HTML can be done more efficiently and accurately. The W3C validation also helps to check out the errors done during the website development.

Cross browser compatibility: To ensure that your website runs smoothly on different browsers, it should be cross browser compatible. PSD to XHTML coding is done in a way that it makes a website accessible through all major web browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome etc.

Pixel perfection: It makes sure that your website is completely pixel prfect and appears well on all browsers.

SEO friendly: This conversion ensures that your website adheres to all search engine guidelines, thus making it SEO friendly.

Semantic coding: It is done to match the HTML tags and content of website. It ensures that the content appears on the site just the way it was meant to be.