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What You Need To Know About Truprofen

if you have noticed that your dog have already consume a lot of dog foods over the years, walked a thousand miles with you on your daily walks even chewed a couple of slippers or shoes and also gave you thousands of kisses every time you arrived home from work, then you may notice that he is not that active anymore then he is already in his twilight years. Your dog might also have failing eyesight and for starters, he is now showing gray hairs and arthritis.

When you dog is having all these signs, then it is best that you start to give him extra care that he needs. if you want to give your dog a full and happy life, it is always best that you have to follow this advice.

Most often, these old dogs are fed with special food this is because they are less active and could easily gain weight. To make sure that your dog will not put too much pressure on his aging joints, weight gain should be avoided. Do not buy regular dog food, make sure that you buy dog food that is designed for old and aging dogs. L-Carnitine, Glucosamine and fish oils are some of the added ingredients found in senior dog foods.

Before giving your dog the special dog food, it is important that you first consult your veterinarian. You have to understand that dogs that have health problems do not often benefit from the senior dog food. As an example, food that are low in protein can often lead to putting much pressure on the failing kidneys. The vet will only be the one who can advise whether the issue is for you dog.

Joint stiffness and arthritis are often the problems with senior dogs. vets often give senior dogs supplement that will help in their health and wellness to your dog and this is the truprofen. Any inflammation and arthritis in dogs, truprofen will help ease the pain and in their remaining years. Not sure on what to give your aging dog, then ask your vet about it.

Dogs that are aging, they do not have the same tolerance when it comes to exercise as compared to a younger dog. For older dogs, they would still want to go for a walk, but you have to understand that they could no longer take long walks. Taking the older dog for a walk, you have to take him separately if you have other dogs if not you can take them together but you have to put the older dog on a leash.

As an added information, Truprofen is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug that includes naproxen, ibuprofen and ketoprofen.